Kamala Harris- Vice President Elect —They Will See Us

Kamala Harris- Vice President Elect —They Will See Us

We have all been so overjoyed over the past twenty-four hours as we have learned that America has elected the first Black Woman- of Indian American descent to be Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. Madame Vice President Elect will serve alongside President Elect Joe Biden as they lead our country to healing from the last four years of economic hardship, unstable leadership, and the worst pandemic ever faced by this country. I breathed a sigh a of relief from experiencing the last 4 years of angst and disappointment to now jubilation and excitement about our future. Kamala Harris’ election did something for women that we have been wanting for so long… To be seen.

All too often African American women have been overlooked, mistreated, unrecognized and taken for granted. African American women have served as the backbone in all areas of life in their communities. Now as this woman takes her stand on the world stage, we all take pride in the beauty of what our ancestors could only dream of. What an amazing win for all of us! I cannot help but think about how Vice President Elect Harris’ representation will impact the lives of my twin daughters Micayla and Malia who will be turning five years old this month. Over the next four years they will see themselves reflected in one of the highest places of leadership in this land. This win means so much to all of us in so many ways that it is hard to put into words. As an African American woman, an HBCU grad, a mother of two beautiful daughters... I am so proud and elated to watch her walk in to her space. Women are beginning to demand that we are acknowledged, seen, and represented. We have always led from behind but now it is time that we lead from the front and demand a seat at male dominated tables. With Kamala Harris they now see us…so now we will show them what we have been doing all along. We as black women, as women, have been strong, committed and resilient to our families, our communities and to our country. There is so much more great expectation of our future. It is now time that we as women reclaim our vision, our promise, and our futures. We have been created for greatness and there is no evil force in this world that will keep us from that greatness!

Much Love