5 Tips To Experience the Freedom You Deserve!

Feeling Stuck Certain Areas of Your Life? Get free with these 5 steps!

Last year I reached a point in my life in which I felt stuck in negative circumstances. I knew that I had been blessed with gifts and talents, but why did I feel so unfulfilled? I had always longed to start my own business, but I would let the doubtful voice in my head keep me from pursuing my dreams. The opportunity came for me to be able to step out on faith and start our business with my husband. The more I began to pursue and work toward my goals, the easier it became to answer the question “Why?”. Why am I doing this? What is my purpose and how do I want to impact the lives of others? I now know that I want to leave a legacy for my children. I want to inspire women to use the gifts they have inside themselves to create something beautiful to offer to the world. I want to inspire women like me, to dismiss the negativity and to walk boldly in the confidence of their destiny. When you know who you are and where you want to be, nothing or no one can take you off the mission. So right now take some time to think about it. What is your Why? What passions do you have burning within that you desire to share with others? I have compiled 5 easy steps to help you get unstuck. These steps helped me to overcome my own hurdles and I hope they do the same for you. Read over these. Meditate on them. Take action. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. It’s time now to walk in success!

1) Make the Decision!

Right now, at this moment you have to make a decision to want to succeed. You may be thinking, well I’ve already gotten past this point. Have you really? Decision making is not just a one-time event, but it is a continuous process. A decision must be made every day to work on your goals, to exercise, to eat healthy, to be happy, to make time for those we love, to be successful, etc. Making the decision is the process of changing your mind or turning your mind in the direction of success. No action can be taken before a decision is made.

2) Create Your Plan!

I love the scripture found in Habakkuk 2:2 in which the prophet reveals; and the Lord spoke to me and said, write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. This is so relevant even now. Writing out your vision, gives space for you to cultivate those creative thoughts and processes. Writing the vision, helps others understand what your goals are and how you plan to achieve those goals. In business, writing the vision correlates with your business plan. In fitness, writing the vision helps to devise proper workouts and meal plans. After you have written down your goals, give a start and end date to each goal. Prioritize your goals in the order of the date to be accomplished or in order of importance. For each goal write down 5 action steps to take in order to jumpstart or maintain the progress of each goal. Set yourself a daily or weekly reminder to review these goals each week for progress and accountability. You’ve got this! Keep pressing!

3) Now Take Time for Yourself!

Whew! I purposely placed self-care in the middle of these steps. Sometimes we find ourselves giving so much that we fail to take care of ourselves! Self-care is crucial to success and to keep moving. We can’t pour into others what we don’t have. Ask yourself this question; Am I operating from a place of deficiency? Do you feel so overwhelmed helping others that you have nothing left for yourself or your family? Another favorite scripture of mine is Psalm 23:5b KJV Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. The best place to serve others is from a place of overflow. Many of us are giving to others and yet we ourselves are empty inside. We must take time to refill ourselves on joy, love, happiness, fun, peace, relaxation, spiritual strength, and positive fellowship. When we take time to refill ourselves, then we can have a greater impact on the lives of those we serve. This year I am taking a trip to celebrate my friend’s birthday, but for me it is also a vision trip. My vision trip is giving me the time, the space, the serenity to help me regroup, write, think, relax, stir up creativity, and re-energize my passions. This vision trip is equipping me to give from the overflow. What will you do to take care of yourself? You deserve it! Let your cup run over!

4) Track Your Progress and Find an Accountability Partner!

The best strategy to keep moving forward is to take time to review how far you’ve come and the progress that’s been made. How you measure progress depends on the goal you are trying to reach. I have created a vision journal to make a space specifically for my goals and dreams. I take notes to journal my thoughts and new ideas. Check your completion dates for each project. How close are you to completing those tasks? If a task is already complete then take notes on the next steps and do the same as in step two; apply a start date and a completion date. If your goal is to lose the extra weight you can track your progress by reviewing your starting weight with your current weight. Ask yourself if there are adjustments that can be made to minimize lack of progress? Also pull on a trusted friend by asking them feedback and suggestions on how you can improve. Your accountability partner should be someone who supports your vision and is willing to give compliments and positive criticism. Accountability helps to keep us responsible, focused and our vision clear.

5) Celebrate Every Victory!

Sometimes we are our own worst critics. We can be so hard on ourselves that we fail to acknowledge the success in our lives. So what if every room in the house isn’t clean, celebrate the spaces that you were able to organize. Keep at it and continue to work on the other rooms. So what you missed the deadline for the completion date of your goals, set a new completion date and work hard to meet the new date. Give yourself room to make mistakes, but challenge yourself to learn from those mistakes and keep moving forward. Old habits are hard to break, but it takes consistency, dedication, and celebration to continue to move in the right direction. Of all the successful people that I have researched I have not come across one that was perfect or never made a mistake. For most, it was their mistakes that propelled them into greatness. No matter how difficult the challenge there is always something good that can come from it. This concept may be hard for some to wrap their arms around because challenges can be rough.

All things work together for the good of those who love the lord and who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 KJV

Take back your time and enjoy the journey! Celebrate your wins and know that you are blessed beyond measure!