A Woman’s Worth

A Woman’s Worth

In a moment of transparency: What a challenging time the last month has been. Attempting to balance the multiple roles in life has not been easy. More recently there have been several incidences against myself and my family. Some of them physically, some spiritually. I began to doubt myself as a person. I began to think I failed as a woman, as a mom, as a wife. It’s funny that the moment I was taking on the burden of the blame God sent women to speak life into my situations. A friend stopped by to tell me “You are a soldier, get up and stand” and helped me get my twin girls’ bathed and hair braided. A few other good women pulled me into a room and refused to allow me to give up and begin to share their experiences. They stood with me in prayer and told me “this situation was only temporary and get yourself together and stand tall”. Then at the nail shop I met one of my late mother’s friends and she said “baby, don’t you let anyone take your peace”. She said “you know who you are and whose you are, walk in it”. Each of these women spoke from a place of experience. They spoke from a place of resilience. They knew what was like to be hit with a blow and still carry on. They understood the power of overcoming difficulty. In her book Successful Women Think Differently, Valerie Burton states in her book that resilient people thrive and grow in the face of adversity, challenges, and change. She goes on to say that the following empowers us to be resilient: genetics, personal resources, and how we think. She states that when you have a battle to fight, you don't want to be the lone soldier on the battlefield. We need each other to empower each other and to strengthen each other.

Last month I recorded interviews with women who had stories of perseverance. I will be releasing these stories for the month of March in celebration of Women’s Month. We were inspired by the women of Black Panther movie who displayed such great strength and loyalty, but we have Women of Wakanda right among us. I think of the load that women bear. I think of their dedication and commitment to their families, work, churches, and their communities. I think about the women who put forth full time effort with no expectation of compensation because they give from the heart. I think of women who may not have everything, but you wouldn’t know it because their love is rich, and their lives are graced with compassion for others. These women rarely get recognized but they live among us. They pray with us in the hallways, they give advice when life is hard, and their legacy pushes each of us to strive for greater. Oprah said it best when she stated that we stand on the shoulders of giants. We honor those women who through transparency and empowerment give us strength to go on.

What is a woman’s worth? Our worth cannot be in our paycheck because for many of us (especially minority women) we are not paid our worth. Our worth is not in our possessions, education or relationships. Our shortcomings have no effect on our worth, for our challenges only make us wiser, stronger. Our worth comes from within and no one can take it from us unless we give it away. God has given each of us a unique purpose in life. He placed inside of us everything we need to be the women we’re called to be. The reveal of that purpose is in the process and the success of life. The challenges of life make us stronger and the success of life help us to appreciate the journey. So when you see that strong woman, know that behind her smile is a story of resilience. Behind that woman’s success is a journey of heartache and pain that she refused to let consume her.

In Her Space will be the place to give voice to those experiences. In Her Space will be the place where our daughters can find hope and encouragement. In Her Space we be the voice to proclaim to each other “You are a soldier, get up and stand” “celebrate your success” “refuse to give up” “heartache is only temporary” “you will get through this” “keep your peace” “walk in your purpose” “God wants only his best for you” “your worth is within You” “ The world needs the best of you” “Shine Bright” “ You Are a Woman of Great Worth, Walk In It”

Stay tuned for the new and exciting projects from In Her Space that will deal with the real issues that women face day to day. Yes, we’re going there, and we’re hitting hard. Because that’s what we do! Let’s Get This Work Ladies!

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. NIV