What’s Stopping You?

Almost every person that I’ve met has wanted to improve in some area of their lives. Whether it’s meeting health goals, becoming an author, going back to school or purchasing our first home, we want better for ourselves and our families. However, life often gets in the way, negative thoughts, or just the comfort of “playing it safe”. I was so inspired at the Vision Speaks Symposium as I watched women, who previously had been hesitant to use their gifts, use them in a way to inspire other women. There is something powerful in letting your vision speak. There is also something scary about success. One of the most destructive forces is the sabotage of success. What do I mean by this? I remember training with my personal trainer and he hated for me to post my incremental successes. The reason for this was he did not want me to get comfortable in celebrating the small successes and lose sight of the overall vision for my journey. In other words, he was warning me to “stay focused”. Distractions come in some of the most subtle and unrecognizable ways. Distractions make us think that not so much time has passed and that its okay to put off our goals one more week. That voice inside our heads that says it’s okay no one will notice that you did not show up for yourself. So stay focused. Refuse to sabotage your success. Keep reading over your goals. Keep investing in yourself and your dreams. It’s okay to take care of you to celebrate you and then keep pressing toward the vision we have for our lives. I am so thankful for those who believe in Vision Speaks and In Her Space. It’s like a breath of fresh air to be around women who are excited about their future and willing to love and embrace the present.

So the funny part is when I asked myself the question “What’s stopping you? “irony set in as I realized I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror.

Nothing can stop you but you. No challenge you face no heartbreak, no disappointment, rejection, nothing can stop you from being completely what you are destined to be. Let’s get out and get this work! We are excited about the New Year and New Purpose!!!. I hope to see all of you at our Exclusive Vision Journal Workshop on Saturday January 6th at 10:30 am. More details soon to come! Check out the link Much love and blessings! https://visionspeaksworkshop2018.eventbrite.com