Illuminating the Darkness

As a wife, mother, daughter and sister I have many people that depend on me for many different things. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and I feel as though I am being stretched thin. If you’re anything like me, you may feel like everyone’s needs are being met but yours. You may even feel disconnected spiritually, mentally, physically and even emotionally.

Every single day we open our eyes, we make a choice. We either decide to bask in our feelings and walk around with a dark cloud over our heads. Or, we make the decision to illuminate the darkness. You hear the saying, “There’s light at the end of the tunnel.” The reality is that you have control over how soon that light is revealed.

In my book, I speak about getting to know yourself, growing in the Lord and finding out what peaks your interest. No one can fulfill your needs better than you so your light in the darkness is closer than you realize. God grants us power with every word we speak. Now is your chance to speak light and life into yourself. Remember, you cannot be of any assistance to others if you cannot first take care of yourself.

You deserve some time to yourself. You deserve that soothing bath with the door locked and music playing. You deserve that dinner for one (and maybe even a glass of wine)! You deserve to go see that movie by yourself and even get your large popcorn or that over-priced concession candy. Do you, Mama, AND ENJOY IT!!! You be the light in the dark that God has called you to be, even unto yourself! You would be surprised how much more effective you can and will be once you brighten your own day!

Seriously! Give it a try! I truly don’t believe you will be disappointed. You, my dear, are the very illumination that you have been seeking from others. It’s the God in you shining through! Allow it and see how greatly you impact others in the process!

I hope this spoke to your heart as much as it’s spoken to mine. We all need that reminder every now and then that even God rested. Take a page from His good book and rejuvenate yourself! You’ve got this, girl! Now, let’s continue to be About Our Father’s Business and do the work of the Lord! It starts with you!

LaTeasa Spears

Author, Entrepreneur

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