The Weight Loss Journey

Not One More Pound

I woke up one day fed up that I had wasted so many of my days depressed, angry,  and frustrated. I realized that I had put so much energy in serving others and taking care of others that I put myself on the back burner. I love helping others, and I will continue to do so, but I knew I could not continue to neglect my health and well-being and be my best self. 

 Truthfully, because I failed to care for myself fully I was unable to give my best. During a conversation with my doctor he told me you have to be the boss of your health. I needed to hear those words, and from that point I took back my time my resources and I began to plan my journey.  I looked at the scale and not only saw numbers I could see my life, I could see time time being taking away from my children, time from my husband and I said to myself, NOT ONE MORE POUND!  

I needed to take back my time for my health and well-being. Yours may be for personal development, for that new business you have always wanted to start, or time for peace and serenity. Whatever you need to do to take better care of yourself. Do it!  You must be intentional about it, because there is so much out there waiting to take up your time. Do not allow one more thing to take the place of you! NOT ONE MORE POUND!  


I wrote down what I wanted and began to surround myself with resources, and the right people to help me achieve my goals. I am currently working with my personal trainer and I have my workout sister, Amanda (pictured below).

 Since I have started sharing on Facebook I have received a lot of feedback from other women (mostly privately) who are making positive changes for themselves. I am so proud of these ladies and I hope that through this platform I can continue to inspire others as they inspire me.   I am so excited to share this journey with you. Keep me posted on your journey, I want to hear from you. Whatever it takes to jump start your goals do it. For me it was a trainer for you it maybe something different.  The ultimate goal is to take care of ourselves so that we can live a better quality of life to take care of those we love and serve. 

Are you taking the time to care for you? Do you put things off that would add value to your life? Write down your goals, dreams and aspirations. Give them space to be cultivated and nurtured.  I have created a special vision journal for you to give space to your goals, dreams, vision, ideas, business plans, weight loss goals, relationship goals, whatever it may be. Use this journal to cultivate your vision.  CHECK OUT THE VISION JOURNAL HERE

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